A program designed for small groups to sing, write songs together and ultimately perform them in front of each other within a limited time-frame.

This program can also be done by one team alone as a more simplified team-building exercise.

Duration: 5 hours

Number of participants: 5-30

Learning Outcomes:

  • The importance of healthy competition to help maintain excellence

  • Taking risks in an unfamiliar environment

  • Reinforcing Brand Identity within workforce

  • Confidence-building developing new skills

  • Creative thinking

  • The importance of collaboration within self-organising groups

  • The freedom to try new ideas within a controlled environment

  • Working within an extremely limited time-frame to achieve results


This is a great program to encourage creative thinking within groups and to help foster a little bit of healthy competition in a unique way.

This program focuses on the team working creatively together to achieve results within a limited time-frame.  The morning session is an initial "bonding" exercise through singing before the group is divided into smaller competing groups for the afternoon songwriting session and performance.

Beginning with vocal warm-ups and exercises to help the group relax, we then develop this into slightly more complex exercises that help the team to work together. Everybody has to play their part or the whole piece doesn't work effectively.

We then move on to singing familiar popular songs and helping to build the confidence of the group. The familiarity and repetition of words and musical phrases here is a useful framing device for improvisation and experimentation. Are you willing to take a chance and rise to the challenge?

There then follows a simple description of the songwriting tasks expected of the team and a breakdown of how best to achieve this. If there is an overall lyrical theme or subject matter for the day's program this will be clearly presented now. 

The team as a whole is sub-divided into smaller groups of 5. The team decides themselves how best to sub-divide. Self-organizing groups are a key part of this process. These smaller groups will write songs to be performed at the end of the day in front of the group as a whole.

Each group is given several backing tracks to choose from (in a variety of different styles eg. Pop, Country, Latin Pop, 80's Pop,etc) A melodic guide is also given for each song.

 They decide as a team which track to use and work begins on assessing individual strengths and abilities within the group and assigning tasks. This can be as simple as deciding if there will be a lead singer-who will it be? Who has creative strengths that can benefit the group as a whole? 

Each group works on the lyrics to their chosen song. Upon completion of the lyric writing, each group then must prepare for their performance. Props, hats and wigs are provided to help the participants get in performance mode!

Each group performs their song in front of the whole team at the end of the day.

The program concludes with a reflection on the day's activities and a few prizes being awarded to the participants.