We have specifically-designed music programs to help "break the ice" at your conference or business event.

Duration: Various from 10 minutes to 30 minutes

Number of participants: Up to 1000.


Our fun and engaging "Face The Day" program is a great way to start the morning session at your conference. This 30 minute program helps to get the room working together in a series of fun singing and musical exercises.



Have you ever heard 300 people singing "Walking On Sunshine" accompanied by Kazoos?!               It is a sight and sound to behold!

We'll get your conference off to an energetic start with the entire audience singing together.       What better way to help get to know the people around you!


Perhaps you need to get everybody awake after lunch? Our "Afternoon Boost" program is perfect for getting the room buzzing again and ready to face the afternoon's events.

Short 10-15 minute "Blast" sessions can be booked for small "break-out" rooms as well.

So, no matter what your requirements we've got it covered.