Festival Fireworks

Kirkintilloch Canal Festival, August 20th, 2016

Kirkintilloch Canal Festival, August 20th, 2016

It was raining. I wasn't surprised. It's Scotland. It happens...a lot!

But, it didn't seem to deter the couple of thousand people that came along to the Marina at Kirkintilloch last night to witness the annual fireworks' display as part of The Canal Festival.

"Rhythm Of The Celts" is the piece that I performed along with the fireworks. An original piece that I composed for the Festival in 2013. It was requested again for last night's display and I was delighted to get a chance to perform it again. 

From the opening atmospheric chords and the initial short blasts of light from across the marina, it was clear that the audience were here to enjoy the event irrespective of the weather. Not afraid to have a dance to the constantly rising tempo of the music.

I love doing this event. It's so much fun and just totally different to anything else that I do. Nothing can match the spectacle of the music and fireworks in person. We've had video taken every year that we've done the event (This is the 6 consecutive year) and it does give you an idea of what takes place,but it's not quite the same as actually being there.

Shout out to Fraser Stevenson and Absolute Fireworks for doing a stellar (sorry!) job as ever in constructing an epic display to sync perfectly with my music.

Let's do it all again next year...would it be ok if it was dry? Pllleeeaase!