7 Ways Music Can Unite Your Team

Have you ever heard anybody say "I Hate Music"?

There's always some melody...some rhythm that moves you.

It's in our DNA. It makes us who we are. Music defines us. It influences how we behave. But it also brings us together. If we're singing from the same song-sheet then we know where we're going.


1/ Music Helps Develop Our Communication Skills

The act of singing and performing music together helps us to develop our social and communication skills. Studies have shown the benefits of group singing in helping to develop bonds quicker than any other non-musical activity.

2/ Music Helps To Build Confidence

Performing music is the ultimate form of self-expression. Give people the freedom to be themselves and watch hidden talents grow. As confidence grows, people's individual performances improve and the team grows together.

3/ Music Encourages Creative Thinking Within An Organised Structure.

Expressing yourself in a musical way helps encourage more creative thinking. If you’re thinking differently than you normally do then exciting things can happen.

4/ Making Music Together Is Working Towards A Shared Goal

I’ve seen teams of-normally-quiet and reserved office workers become a boyband over the course of an afternoon!

5/ Music Is The Great Motivator.

Why do you listen to music when you’re at the gym? It keeps you going!

6/ Making Music Stimulates More Brain Activity Than Almost Any Other Activity

This is Science people! Studies have shown that there aren't many other things that stimulate more areas of the brain than music.

7/ It’s Fun!

Who says working together can’t be fun? If you have a team of happy and engaged workers, you have a productive workforce.

Greg Friel. Motivational Teambuilder.


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