"What's Your Favourite Song?"

"What's Your Favourite Song?"

You know you've got one. 
That one song that when it comes on it can completely change your mood.
It can lift you up on your darkest days. It can help you to face the morning with a smile.

For me, whenever I hear the opening drum intro to "Superstition" by Stevie Wonder my life is immediately better. 
I am transported to a place where Stevie's grooves and super-smooth voice just lift me up out of the ordinary.

Music can do that. Music has that power.
I see it everyday. Not just in the people I work with-but in everyday situations:
-The Barista who dances whilst making my morning latte ( It's not the caffeine that puts him in a good mood it's the music!)
-The Workmen who unconsciously sing along to Kylie playing on the radio.

Music has the ability to unite a group of people who have just met for the first time. 
To empower the bored and listless to get up off their seats and engage with the people around them.
To make a group of friends spontaneously start dancing.

Why? Because they can and because it feels good.

You know you've got a Gym playlist that works for you. 
-Maybe it's some uptempo EDM feel-good tracks that get your heart racing.
-Maybe you like to rock out to Guns'n'Roses to get you psyched before that sales meeting?
-Maybe a little bit of everything?

We all have our "go to" tracks that help us get in-the-zone and prepared mentally for what we are about to do or just to help us stay motivated along the way.

Music is the great unifier.
A great song can travel across any border, break down any barrier and open up lines of communication.
I know people who disagree on everything else-agree that "Mr.Blue Sky" by ELO just generally makes any day better.

What do you want to achieve today?

Why not give it a soundtrack and start your day right?

Greg Friel.

Motivational Teambuilder.